Ingalpaca. Alpaca from Equator

Discover what makes Alpaca wool such a special thing.


Inga Alpaca Trading Company manufactures 100% alpaca wool comforters. The Alpaca Wool that fills our comforters is soft, dry, clean and hypoallergenic which can help repel dust mites as they do not like these conditions.

Ingalpaca. Alpaca from Equator


The hollow fiber in the Alpaca Wool also helps the body manage its temperature better, allowing the user to rest in the perfect sleep environment.


No chemicals, dyes or bleaches have been used during the processing of the wool. We have total control over the manufacturing process. The fleece is hand picked before the actual processing of the fiber.

Ingalpaca. Alpaca from Equator


Our free range alpacas are organically raised and we do not use fertilizers or herbicides in our property. The animals are cared for without pesticides or other chemicals, in a stress free environment.


• 100% cotton down proof ticking.
• Hypoallergenic & dust-mite resistant.
• Wool is a natural fire retardant.

Ingalpaca. Alpaca from Equator


• Dry clean only.
• Airing your comforter once a week is
  highly recommended.
• We strongly suggest the use of a
  duvet cover.